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UNOCI / United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire (Africa)

Mission from 2004 to 2017


Mission classified as MAX

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Added in 2004
5 minimalist tasks
  • min01 co-ordination of donors, partners, and UN agencies
  • min06 humanitarian assistance
  • min07 OMR military
  • min09 refugee / IDP assistance
  • min11 secure environment for delivery of aid
6 moderate tasks
  • mod02 DDR
  • mod03 electoral assistance
  • mod05 information campaigns
  • mod06 monitoring / investigating IHL/IHRL violations
  • mod09 POC children
  • mod11 POC general
8 maximalist tasks
  • max03 dialogue and reconciliation (national)
  • max07 human rights promotion
  • max09 promotion of independent media
  • max10 ROL judicial reform
  • max13 sexual and gender-based violence
  • max15 SSR police
  • max16 support to permanent state institutions
  • max18 women's rights and participation
1 ocat task
  • ocat01 use of force
Added in 2007
1 moderate task
  • mod07 recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction

The UNPMM is a database that codes the mandate tasks of all UN peace missions, including peacekeeping missions, special political missions, and special envoys/advisors, between 1991 and 2020.

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